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Fire Safety for Loft Conversions

Posted on by AKB Loft Conversions

AKB Lofts have put together a short and snappy article to help you understand the fire regulations of a loft conversion. Don’t let potential life-saving changes deter you from creating your dream room, it can be a pain knowing the ins and outs of what you need to do but ABK Lofts want you to … Continue reading

How To Make Your Loft Conversion Child Friendly

Posted on by AKB Loft Conversions

Whether it’s a new addition to the family or the creation of a hobby room, there are many reasons to seek more space for your home. Loft conversions offer a great way to make use of existing space, whilst avoiding the hassle of moving. However, like with all rooms in the home, you will need … Continue reading

How to Make the Most of Your New Loft Space

Posted on by AKB Loft Conversions

You’ve just created a brand new loft space for your family to enjoy, and now it’s time to decorate. Whether your loft is big or small, it’s important to make the most of whatever space you have and to both complement and exaggerate its size. Walls, floor, furniture, lighting; all these features have an impact … Continue reading

Loft Conversion or House Extension: Which should I choose?

Posted on by AKB Loft Conversions

Many people grow attached to their homes and so moving out can be an emotional and stressful process. Because of this, more people are looking to loft conversions and house extensions as a solution, as these endeavours allow homeowners to extract more space from their property without having to uproot the family. These additions can … Continue reading

How to Keep Your Converted Loft Warm in Winter

Posted on by AKB Loft Conversions

Converting your loft is a fantastic way to make use of abandoned space and bring it to life by creating your dream room. But despite the scientific principle that heat rises, lofts do seem to suffer dips in temperature due to ineffective heating and poor insulation, resulting in heat escaping through the roof. Not only … Continue reading

Keeping your home safe for children and pets during building work

Posted on by AKB Loft Conversions

Renovating your home can be a stressful venture and the long list of jobs can sometimes become overwhelming. However, it’s important that no matter how busy you are with the build that you don’t forget to protect the safety of your children or pets. Both animals and your little ones can become agitated when it … Continue reading

Step by step – Planning your extension or loft conversion

Posted on by AKB Loft Conversions Team

These days, many people find themselves struggling for space but unable to afford to move home. This has led many to consider an extension or a loft conversion, both of which are brilliant ways to create more space in the home you know and love, while also adding value to your property. Expecting a new … Continue reading

Ideas & Inspiration for Your House Extension

Posted on by AKB Loft Conversions Team

With housing costs ever on the rise, combined with the hassle of moving, home improvements are becoming the more favourable option with many homeowners looking to make a change to their living conditions. Choosing instead to improve your existing home by extending vertically or horizontally can not only save you money, time, and not to … Continue reading

Space Saving Stairs for Loft Conversions

Posted on by AKB Loft Conversions Team

When converting your loft, a vital consideration is the placement of your new staircase to provide safe access to and from the new room. Commonly taking up a large amount of space, it’s important to consider where is the best place for your stairs, and what design is most suited to the room you have … Continue reading

Small Loft Conversions: Ideas

Posted on by AKB Loft Conversions Team

Loft conversions are a great way of incorporating more space into your current home, regardless of whether your attic space is large or small. If you’re restricted by a small loft space, or a limited budget, there are still a wealth of conversion options that can benefit your home. Here at AKB Lofts, we carry … Continue reading