What are the benefits of a house extension?

Has your home become too small for your growing family? If so, you may be wondering whether to move to a bigger house. Whilst this might seem like the most obvious solution, it’s may not be the best, particularly with property prices still rising rapidly. Extending your existing living quarters might be a better idea. Read on to find out what are the benefits of a house extension. 

Key advantages of extending your home 

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If you need extra space in your home, don’t assume that relocating is the only solution. Whilst it’s certainly an option to consider, extending your property provides an easier and arguably more affordable alternative. If you have additional space to the back or side of your home, then a house extension is worth considering. Keep reading to learn what are the benefits of a house extension.

Create extra room

A house extension can help to create extra space in your property. Whether your family has grown or your needs have changed, an extension can provide you with additional room to enjoy a wide range of activities. Maybe you need an extra bedroom, bathroom, conservatory, or playroom for the kids where they can have fun without disrupting others. An extension can also provide more storage space, helping to reduce clutter in your home.  

You could even opt for a kitchen extension if your current set-up isn’t meeting your needs. You may choose to extend your kitchen if you want to use the room for socialising as well as cooking. An extension can allow you to increase the floor space or adjust the design so that it’s more open and welcoming. Alternatively, if your kitchen is already the right size but you don’t have a dining room, you might consider incorporating this into your extension. Whatever your vision, you can expect the team at AKB Lofts to turn it into reality. 

Design your dream space

When you enlist AKB Lofts to build your extension, we can help you to design your dream space. Our experienced team will work with you closely to create a space that truly reflects your needs and tastes, making sure that it’s somewhere you love to spend time. You can decide on the features and aesthetics of the room to ensure that its function and style are just as you envisaged. AKB has constructed many house extensions in Leeds over the years, creating beautiful spaces that are bespoke to our clients. 

Avoid the stress and cost of moving house

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Building a house extension might seem like a challenging task, however, it’s nothing compared with moving home. Moving house isn’t just physically demanding and financially draining; it can also put a lot of emotional strain on your whole household. You may need to change jobs, uproot your children from their schools and make new friends in your new area. Moving house can be incredibly difficult for so many reasons. 

Building an extension is a much easier alternative, particularly when you enlist the services of a reputable construction company. At AKB Lofts, we can project manage every aspect of your house extension, making the process as stress-free as possible. We’ll get the work done to the deadline, updating you every step of the way with the progress we’re making. We’ll also aim to keep disruption to a minimum throughout the course of the project.

Adds value to your home

Whilst a 30 square metre single-storey extension can cost anything upwards of £30,000, you can expect to receive a significant ROI if you do end up selling your home at some time in the future. An extension can add considerable value to your home when it’s carried out to a high standard by a reputable building company. Research by Nationwide on the value of improvements to a standard three bedroom-house discovered that an extension could add as much as 23% to a property’s value.  

However, keep in mind that a badly built extension will only serve to damage the value of your home. Moreover, it’s also likely to cause you ongoing problems. When looking for a company to construct your extension, make sure they are trustworthy and reliable. Do your research, which should involve seeking personal recommendations, looking online for reviews, and asking for references from the company. Never use a tradesperson who approaches you out of the blue. 

Hire AKB Lofts for a house extension in Leeds

When it comes to building house extensions in Leeds, there’s no better company than AKB Lofts. We’ve been helping people extend their properties for many years, gaining a fantastic reputation throughout the region. In fact, as much as 90% of our custom comes from word of mouth and customer recommendations, demonstrating the quality of our workmanship. All work is fully guaranteed too. That means that if any problems do arise with your extension at any point, we’ll be more than happy to rectify them for you quickly and without charge. 

As well as constructing house extensions of all sizes, we also carry out loft conversions of all types. As our name suggests, this is what we specialise in here at AKB Lofts, with our team responsible for converting hundreds of lofts throughout West Yorkshire. 

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