Why having truss rafters shouldn’t put you off a loft conversion

There are multiple benefits to having a loft conversion: it’s cheaper than moving, increases the value of your home, provides an additional living space, often doesn’t require planning permission, and is a cost effective method of improving your home.

However, some homeowners fear that the structure of their loft means a conversion is either not possible, or will be far too expensive. This is often the case with those in homes with a truss roof. Extremely popular in houses built in the late 1960s onwards, truss roof’s have W shaped trusses that carry loads through diagonal bracing which supports the loft floor and ceiling structure.

The design is mainly popular due to the low-cost of materials and production fees, and that the trusses are quick to manufacture and easy to install.


The problem with trusses

The disadvantage of truss rafters is that the frame often occupies the majority of the roof space, meaning anything but basic storage space is impossible. In order to convert the loft into an additional living space, the entire truss structure needs to be replaced.

Likewise, the internal height of the loft may be too shallow initially with truss roofs, meaning the ridge line of the roof needs to be raised before converting – something that often requires planning permission. This applies if the height of the loft internally is under 1.9 metres.


How is a truss loft converted?

Truss rafters support the roof slopes by distributing weight, so it is essential that they are replaced rather than completely removed before converting the loft. Converting a trussed roof is now commonplace, with the process of simply preserving the triangulation created by the rafters by replacing them with A-shaped trusses or horizontal beams, creating a much larger living area for the house.


The results

Truss rafter conversions may be slightly more expensive due to the complex restructuring required, but that shouldn’t put you off making the investment and seeing your rewards doubled.

A truss roof conversion can still create a large, spacious room perfect for an additional bedroom or living space, with the added benefit of the structural wooden support lending tonnes of character to the room.


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