Hip to Gable Conversions

The roofs of most homes are ‘hipped’, which means that one side of the roof is sloped. While this is a very common roofing type, it does make loft space somewhat limited, which is where hip to gable loft conversions come in.

In a hip to gable conversion, the sloping side of the roof is extended to create a vertical wall, creating more space for the loft to be converted into whatever you desire it to be. For properties with two sloping sides on their roofs, a double hip to gable conversion is required. They can take what may seem like a while – up to five or six weeks – but our expert team will ensure that every single aspect is taken care of and completed to the highest standard.

So just because you have a hipped roof on your property, doesn’t mean you have to discard your dreams of turning your loft into a playroom, a guest room, a study or a lounge. At AKB Lofts, we can provide you with the perfect conversion that meets all of your requirements. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our work for customers in the Leeds area.

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