Roof Lifts in Leeds

You might have the perfect loft conversion in mind, but if your roof space does not have at least 2.3m of head height, then you need a roof lift loft conversion. The name is fairly self-explanatory, and the process involves raising the ridgeline of your roof to the correct height and pitch, allowing for the loft to be converted. So if you need quality roof lifts in Leeds we at AKB Loft Conversion are the people to call!

New attic trusses are installed to raise the level of the roof, and the gable walls are also built up to meet them. Where possible, the original brickwork of the walls is matched for maximum consistency. If a brick match cannot be achieved, then the walls can be rendered as an alternative.

Once the roof has been lifted and the work has been completed, the conversion can begin. With plenty of space to play around with, you can turn the loft into whatever room you desire. The experienced team at AKB Lofts are able to provide first-class roof lift conversions for customers throughout Leeds, offering quick and efficient work, a friendly, personable attitude and fantastic results.

Bungalow Roof Lifts

One of the most popular types of homes for roof lifts in Leeds, is bungalows. If people are looking for more space in a bungalow they can only go up if they can not extend. Also, in a lot of cases, the roof as with some homes is too low. This is not an issue as once again we can raise the roof to allow for that extra living space for an office, ensuite or bedrooms.

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