Truss Lofts in Leeds

Based in the Leeds area, AKB Loft Conversions have been trading since 2006 and are experts in building beautifully crafted and unique truss loft conversions.

For those older houses built with truss rafters in their loft space, you can still enjoy the benefits of an extended living space, as we have the appropriate knowledge, experience and technology to offer you the most beautifully planned and designed truss roof loft conversion. See our article on truss loft conversions for more information.

Truss loft conversions are practical and incredibly efficient; a perfect way to transform your loft cavity into a luxurious living space.

For a free quotation or to find out more about our full service offerings please get in touch with our professionals today. We can arrange a time that is convenient for you to discuss your loft conversion options in more detail.

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