6 unique ways to utilise your converted loft space

Contrary to popular belief, loft conversions can be used for much more than just a second bedroom or storage space. There are a wide variety of unique uses for your converted loft space, so there will surely be a design that perfectly suits your needs, and enhances your home. We look at 6 ways to utilise your converted loft space here.

How to utilise your loft space:

Utilising your loft space to the best that you can is not always as simple as it looks as most people in the home want the “new room”.  Let’s look at the best options.


If you don’t have a dedicated children’s playroom in your home, then it can be a source of stress for any parent. Toys and miscellaneous items are strewn across every room of the house. This is because they don’t have a particular place to go. A loft conversion gives you a nice, spacious place for your kids to escape to, play in, and keep all of their belongings. Your house will instantly be neater and cleaner. Furthermore, while they are upstairs it will be much more peaceful for you. Also if you do have “messy children”, it’s all out of the way from the rest of the home.


Relaxation space

Everyone needs a quiet place in their home to relax and unwind, and if you have children or an overly stressful job, it can be a godsend. A loft conversion is a perfect space to turn into a cosy, comforting reading nook, and it could even be a small library where you keep all your books. Another relaxing idea would be a ‘zen’ room, so you can meditate or do yoga. The unique shape of loft conversions is ideal for creating a comfortable space full of colourful carpets, incense and cushions. You will feel separate from the rest of the world, in your own relaxing space.


Many people work from home these days and if your house is small then you will be forced to have an office space in your bedroom or living area, which will be very cramped and full of distractions. A loft conversion is a perfect place to have your office, as it is separate from the rest of the house. It could even have a nice view, as well as plenty of space for paperwork and technology. 

Second upstairs living room

If you have a big family, then there is never enough space for everyone to spend time together. A loft conversion can be turned into a second living room. This gives you more space to use for your social, family gatherings. Instead of trying to fit everything into one room, the downstairs living room could be a dining area. Furthermore, your upstairs living space could be turned into a home cinema. One of the sofas could be a fold-out bed as well so that if you need more space for guests you can transform the second living room into another bedroom.


Workout space

A great way to save money on a gym membership is to create a workout space at home. A loft conversion is an ideal size for this. It is secluded and private, so you can focus on working out without distractions or family members interfering. There will also be enough space for you to keep a range of equipment. This is better than having one treadmill in the corner of the living room. You can even design the room with colours or decorations which are motivating and get you in the zone.

Loft Conversion

Entertaining room

For those who love entertaining and feel limited by a small kitchen and a tiny living space, then a loft conversion is the solution. This extra room can be turned into a home bar. Also, an extra kitchen and dining space, or a combination of the two. You can incorporate any interesting roof angles and corners into the design and create quirky focal points. If you can add a rooftop terrace as well then there will be extra space for guests. This would be an ideal place to have their nibbles and drinks while enjoying the view.

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