The Benefits of a Kitchen Extension

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a place where we host dinner parties, afternoon teas with distant relatives and sit down for meals with the family. However, with all of these fun events becoming more and more frequent, you may have noticed that the kitchen is feeling much smaller than usual. If you’ve been considering moving home to accommodate your fun and exciting lifestyle, think again. A simple kitchen extension could be a cheaper, quicker and a simpler solution to your problem.

If you too, take great pride and passion in your culinary oasis, it’s time to expand and enhance your surroundings. Invest in the space you need, so you can host parties with ease.


When you have a kitchen extension, you can relieve yourself of another room within the home. If you dine in a separate room away from the kitchen, an extension will allow you to move the dining table into the kitchen extension; enabling the kitchen to be a social hub and making for a much easier serving/dining experience. By freeing up this other room, you are maximising the space within your home. This new, ‘free room’ could become a home office, gym, another bedroom or games room.

There’s many reasons as to why you may wish to extend your kitchen, including things such as, your current kitchen being too small, having a large family, wanting to host friends and family or looking to add value to your home. So if this is the case and it’s not because you’re unhappy with your current home, a kitchen extension could be the practical answer.


Having a kitchen extension gives homeowners the opportunity to have an island in the middle of the room, extra storage space, a bar and a built-in seating area. A larger kitchen will give you the opportunity to change the aesthetic of the room. An island in the middle of the kitchen makes it easier to serve meals and allow your plans to flow, when you’re busy in a warm kitchen. Extra storage space, will help to keep the surfaces clean and free from pots, pans and kitchen gadgets, so you can make room for fun games, drinks and canapés. A bar and in-built seating area will open up the room and maximise the space, which would otherwise be taken by separate tables and chairs. This will allow you to use your space wisely, making family meals and hosting an effortless process.

Having a kitchen extension is a personal choice but it also makes for a desirable home. Many potential buyers will see a large kitchen as a positive and could be the winning factor that’ll help to make their final decision.

Why move home?

If you’re already ideally located, you love your home and get along well with your neighbours, why uproot from your family home? In recent studies, moving home is estimated to cost around £11k. So unless you’re really unhappy with your home and need an overall expansion, an extension might just be your best way to save and invest in your current home whilst enhancing the space around you.  

Think like a designer and find a new way of living, make your kitchen the hidden gem in your home. Get the extra space you need, so you can live without compromising your family or bank account.

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