How long does it take to have a loft conversion?

So “How long does it take to have a loft conversion?” is a question we hear all too regularly. At AKB Loft Conversions, we fit our work into a schedule that suits you, but we understand wanting a rough idea of how long the process will take. The difficulty is that each loft conversion is different; not only because of the variety of different loft conversion services available but also because of the varying sizes and dimensions of each individual loft, among other factors. This article will highlight the stages of a loft conversion. Help detail a general time frame for which we aim to complete a project, and answer the question of, how long does it take to have a loft conversion?

Different types of loft conversion

How long does it take to have a loft conversion?

The following is a rough estimate of the expected timeframes involved in the various types of loft conversions:

Dormer Conversion – This is a common loft conversion that provides greater headroom and floorspace by extending the existing sloped roof. Dormer conversions also implement vertical windows that protrude out of the roof, increasing the amount of natural light in the room. These conversions usually take approximately 4 weeks to complete.

Hip to Gable Conversion – This conversion increases space in your loft by removing the ‘slope’ of the roof and attaching it to an extended sidewall. This creates more headroom and floor space without needing an overly intrusive procedure. These conversions take approximately 6 weeks to complete.

Mansard Conversion – A Mansard conversion is a great example of the various workload involved in different conversions. Unlike a Dormer or Hip to Gable conversion, a Mansard often requires the walls to be altered and the entire roof being replaced. This conversion takes approximately 8 weeks to complete.

What will my loft conversion involve?

Loft Conversions in Leeds‘Standard’ loft conversions will usually follow a similar structure. The stages you can expect and the time each stage takes is as follows:

Preparation Stage – The opening stages of the loft conversion will involve getting everything together and ready to start the actual maintenance. It involves the following:

Organisation of all equipment

Creating a hole in the roof for easy access

Erecting the necessary scaffolding

Organising the delivery of a skip

The majority of this stage will be done externally and thus remain relatively unobtrusive. It usually takes place for the first 2 weeks.



Construction Stage – The next stage involves working internally on the general reconstruction of the loft. It involves the following:

Loft floor installation

Adding ventilation

Adding insulation

Roof work completion

This stage will usually take place for the 3rd and 4th week.


Finishing Touches Stage – The final stage involves the carpentry and fittings in turning a ‘space’ into a usable room. It involves:

Installation of a staircase or entrance to the loft


Carpentry such as skirting boards, furniture and doors




This stage will usually take place for the 5th and 6th week.

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