Is My House Too Old for a Loft Conversion?

We are often asked whether an older house would be exempt from undergoing a modern loft conversion. We’re not sure how this rumour started, but what we do know is that many people are avoiding a loft renovation due to this worry. In truth, there are many factors to consider when planning to convert a loft — age being one of them. This article is going to explore the implications of a home’s age on a loft conversion. Furthermore, we aim to dispel any misinformation stopping people from pursuing a stunning new loft.

Loft Conversions For Old Houses

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One significant difference between an old house (pre-1965) and a modern house (post-1965) is the different types of roofs. Old houses will have what is known as a ‘traditional roof’. It wasn’t until 1965 where building techniques started to change that the ‘modern trussed’ roof became the norm.

Surprisingly, it is actually the older traditional roofs that are best suited for a new loft conversion. This is because traditional roofs have rafters in an ‘M’ shape. Whereas trussed roofs have their rafters in a ‘W’ shape. Because of their W shape, the frame of trussed roofs typically takes up the majority of the loft space. This in turn means that extra work is needed to remove and replace the entire frame. This is not an issue with the ‘M’ shape of traditional roofs. This is because of the shape that makes it much easier to work around.

This isn’t to say that every older house is perfectly suitable for a loft conversion. There are other factors to consider too.


The idea of someone living in a loft is a relatively new concept. In days past a loft was mainly used for storage of unused and unwanted items. It’s important to consider that the structural frame of your loft, including the timbers and beams, may not have the strength to bear the weight of various new pieces of heavy furniture.

Planning a loft conversion through a reputable company can help to dissuade any apprehension. Here at AKB Loft Conversions, we provide a comprehensive survey from an experienced structural engineer. They will assess your loft for any signs of structural damage or weakness, ensuring any loft conversion project is undertaken to the highest standards of safety.

A mezzanine flooring can be beneficial for balance, support and extra space. These are particularly suitable for period homes due to older houses typically having a roof pitch in excess of 45 degrees.

Lighting, ventilation and other installations

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A habitable loft conversion will need suitable lighting and ventilation, and these can be difficult to incorporate in certain older homes. This is especially true when you consider that many older roofs are in fact decorative features of the home. Many homeowners wish to convert the loft without actually compromising the classic aesthetic that the roof brings. Dormer windows, among other installations such as bathrooms and the necessary pipework, may be difficult to implement without compromise.

However, we believe that we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to deliver the very best loft conversions regardless of house type. It is this business-customer relationship that has developed our stellar reputation and allowed us to provide high-quality loft conversions to a wealth of customers without compromising on the aesthetic or structural integrity of older homes.

We offer FREE quotations and home visits. This will allow us to establish what your requirements are, and also what type of loft that you require. Our friendly team are always on hand through the whole process and available for any questions that you may have.

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