Loft conversion storage: smart ways to maximise your loft’s storage space

In a loft there are a lot of awkward spaces which can easily remain unused if you are not conscious of them in the design process. Storage solutions are an excellent way to maximise space in your loft and ensure every inch is utilised efficiently. We have several unique and inventive ideas to help with your loft design, so you can create a spacious and organised getaway. 



The eaves are cramped corners which look impossible to utilise, however, they are a smart choice for storage as they maximise the floor space and keep your loft feeling open and airy. You can either add low cabinets which fit into the space, or build into the eaves with recessed shelves and cupboards. In a loft bathroom the eaves can be used for built-in cabinets with pockets for towels and toiletries.


Bed storage:

Bed storage is one of the best ways to utilise every inch of the space in your loft, and it keeps any clutter out of sight. You can install classic under-the-bed storage, such as boxes, or even drawers which are built into the base of the bed. Another useful option is a bed which can be lifted up to reveal compartments underneath. To fit as much storage as possible under your bed you can even raise it up further off the ground. If you raise it as high as a bunk bed, you can create an office space or storage on the bottom level, and access the bed with a small ladder.    



When you are working with an unconventional or cramped space, such as a loft, sometimes the answer is to specially design storage solutions for it. This means you could create a wall-to-wall unit which fits perfectly into the narrow spaces. This unit could hold shelves, cupboards, and drawers, and you can arrange them in aesthetically-pleasing combinations. It will solve all of your storage needs in one go. Custom-made storage can even enhance the interesting shapes of a loft, and you could paint the shelving a vibrant colour so it becomes a feature wall. 


Open storage:

Exposed storage saves floor space, so it is convenient for a loft and can be easily adjusted to the room. This type of storage could include an exposed clothes rack, which is suitable as long as you keep your clothes neat, or a unit with shelving for your shoes. Floating shelves are another style of open storage that takes up barely any space and can be positioned anywhere on the wall. They are modern and perfect for holding books, plants, lamps or ornaments. 



Sliding or folding doors:

An important aspect of loft storage design is making sure you leave enough space for the doors to open. If your loft is particularly small, or you would just like to maximise floor space as much as possible, it is a handy solution to use sliding or folding doors for your storage cabinets. They simply hide away, looking minimalist and stylish as well as keeping your loft nice and roomy. 



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