Loft conversions don’t have to be boring: how to spice up your loft

Often, when lofts are converted, they do not reach their full potential, and remain dark, slightly depressing places full of unused belongings. This means that lofts are usually considered to be a boring area of the home. We believe this is a sad misconception, and so we have listed our best tips and tricks to help you transform your loft into a stylish oasis.

loft conversion windows

Which type of loft conversion should you choose? 

Knowing which sort of conversion best suits your house is important because it means you can utilise all of the space in the loft and create an exciting new area.

Roof light:

This is the cheapest loft conversion option because it doesn’t involve changing the pitch or shape of your roof, it just requires the addition of skylight windows. This would be perfect for adding an extra bedroom, but only if you have enough roof space already. 

AKB Loft Conversion


If you choose a dormer conversion then a vertical wall will be constructed from the bottom of the sloping roof, and a horizontal roof is built to meet it. This is the most common conversion as it creates an extra section which gives the loft more headroom and extra light.  



This conversion is suitable for end-terrace or semi-detached houses, as they have hipped roofs. The sloping side of the roof is converted to a flat gable end, which makes the loft a decent-sized room, perfect for a home office or bathroom. 



A mansard conversion is more expensive and usually requires planning permission. It is suitable if you are planning to create something substantial like a second living room in your loft. One or both of the roof slopes is replaced with two steep sloping sides and a flat roof on top. 



Tips for improving your loft design:

Even if you only have a small converted loft, there are a variety of ways to spice up the design and make it an invaluable and classy addition to your house. 

Add a unique room:

The first idea that comes to mind when you are making your loft into a new room is to simply create another bedroom or some extra storage space. This isn’t a bad plan, but making a unique room such as a luxurious bathroom, or a spacious, bright home office takes a loft conversion to the next level. A bathroom is not affected by the lack of headroom as much as a bedroom would be, because you can easily fit a deep, freestanding bath under a sloping ceiling.

When choosing what room to add to your loft, you could also consider using this opportunity to balance out the rest of your house by adding the room you need the most. So if you need more space for your children, you could design an airy, colourful playroom in the loft.  

Let the light in:

An important tip to avoid creating a dull, cramped space, is to let as much light into the loft as possible. So when you are converting, if possible, consider adding French doors which open out onto a balcony, a large skylight, or even full-height windows. 

Stylish touches:

When lofts aren’t designed with care they can become dingy places full of boxes and long-forgotten items. To create the feeling of a modern, light, bright space, paint the walls cream or white. Then to avoid the clinical vibe add creative signature pieces like a bold feature wall, exposed brickwork, and spots of colour in cushions and wall hangings. 


To ensure you utilise your loft to its full potential, choose AKB Lofts for your loft conversion. We are a local, family-run business, and our experienced team always provide professional, high-quality workmanship. We operate across Leeds and the surrounding areas, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.