How to maximise natural light in your loft

Allowing sunlight to stream into your loft makes for a happier, healthier home – and can also show off your interiors in their full glory. The key to ensuring enough natural light enters your converted loft or attic space lies with carefully considering the design and layout of the area. Here we will discuss the problem of inadequate natural light, and suggest ways that you can maximise entry of sunlight into your loft.  

Loft conversion types


The problem with poor lighting 

While there is nothing wrong with a little (artificial) mood lighting, it’s also important to allow plenty of natural light into your loft space. Attics tend to be on the smaller side, so failure to consider inclusion of natural sunlight into the design could risk your dream loft becoming dark or dingy. 

Many studies have suggested that natural light has multiple benefits for humans, such as boosting mood, providing vitamin D, and reducing the likelihood of eye strain and migraines. Poor lighting, or reliance on artificial lighting, can therefore lead to poor mood, less vitamin D, and a greater likelihood of headaches and associated problems.


How to maximise natural light in your loft 

Roof windows and roof lights:


Incorporate windows into your initial loft design plans to ensure your space is bathed in relaxing natural light. In-ceiling roof lights or Velux windows are the most common types, and heat and light admittance can be easily controlled on brighter days with the installation of blinds. A few well-placed windows can channel sunlight with ease, helping to alleviate any feelings of claustrophobia and leaving your attic feeling open and airy. 

Install a roof light on the stairs:


Another trick is to install a roof light on the stairs leading up to the loft, if that’s possible for your home’s layout. This will help the light to flow through the house, all the way from the loft, diffusing through the stairway and into other areas of the house. The overall effect can be stunning and will encourage a feeling of spaciousness. 

Dormer windows:


Quaint and homely, dormer windows not only add a touch of charm to your loft – they are also a great way of boosting light levels. If you’re considering a dormer conversion, consult with a specialist to determine how to choose windows that maximise natural light filtration into your property. 




Once you’ve made one or more of the above changes to your loft space, you can amplify this natural light to an even greater degree with the simple addition of mirrors. Whether you opt for an elegant floor-length mirror, or a few well-placed wall mirrors – they all help to reflect natural light around the space, making them a beautiful and practical piece of interior design. 


Here at AKB Loft Conversions, we specialise in giving homeowners that little bit extra. Whether you need to maximise the space in your home, or increase the natural light in your loft, we deliver high quality extensions, loft and dormer conversions, along with expert planning and design – ensuring you get the space you dreamed of.