What Shouldn’t You Store in Your Attic? [ Infographic ]

Your attic can be a fantastic storage space, particularly for items that aren’t very valuable or temperature-sensitive. However, there are some things that you shouldn’t keep in this part of your home due to the risk of them becoming damaged. Read on to find out what shouldn’t you store in your attic. 

what shouldnt you store in your loft

6 things you shouldn’t store in your attic

Whilst an attic can prove to be incredibly useful for storage, there are some items that you should avoid keeping in this space. Temperature fluctuations are common in an attic, and this can cause damage to some items. Humidity can also be a problem, with moisture build-up leading to mould and mildew. If you’re keen to use your attic as a storage space, we recommend enlisting the services of a professional loft conversion company. At AKB Lofts, we have transformed many dark, damp attics into fully functional storage rooms. Keep reading to learn what shouldn’t you store in your attic. 

ValuablesLoft Extension Company in Leeds

Valuables like jewellery, electronic devices or precious family heirlooms shouldn’t be kept in an attic. Not only are attics less likely to have climate control, making certain items vulnerable to damage, but they’re also less secure, which means they’re more at risk of theft. We recommend investing in a high-quality home safe that’s securely anchored to the floor or wall and storing your valuables here.


Electronic devices like computers and cameras can be damaged by extreme temperature fluctuations within an attic. In the summer, temperatures can soar, whilst in the winter months, they can drop significantly. We recommend storing electronics you don’t plan on using in areas that are climate-controlled and that offer protection from humidity and dust. 

Important documents 

Storing important documents like birth certificates, passports and legal paperwork in an attic isn’t recommended due to several factors. Temperature fluctuations can cause documents to deteriorate over time, especially paper documents. Additionally, high levels of moisture in attics can cause documents to become damp, mouldy, or brittle. Attics also tend to be susceptible to pests such as rodents and insects, which can damage or even destroy documents. A fireproof safe can be a good place to store important documents. Failing this, invest in a filing cabinet with individual file folders to organise and store documents.

Photographs and artwork 

Extreme temperature fluctuations in attics can also cause damage to photographs and artwork. These fluctuations can cause them to expand and contract, leading to warping and cracking. High humidity levels can cause photographs to stick together or damage paper-based artwork. Attics may also have limited light control, potentially leading to prolonged exposure to natural or artificial light which can cause fading and discolouration of photos and artwork. 

Flammable materials 

We strongly advise against storing flammable items such as petrol, paint, and fireworks in your attic. These items can be a serious fire hazard and could put the safety of your family at risk. The temperature within an attic can soar during the summer, increasing the risk of ignition. In the event of a fire, flammable materials in the attic can accelerate its spread, making it more difficult to control or extinguish.

Food and perishables

Storing food in your attic should be avoided. Food can attract pests and rodents, which can lead to contamination and the spread of disease. Additionally, temperature changes within attics can cause food to spoil, making it unsafe to consume. We recommend keeping food in a cool, dry pantry or kitchen instead. 

Attic Loft Conversion company In LeedsLoft conversions in Leeds 

If you’re looking to convert your attic into a useful storage space, we can assist. At AKB Lofts, we can transform your attic into a functional storage area, allowing you to keep a wide range of items safe and secure. We’ve been carrying out loft conversions in Leeds for many years, giving us a huge amount of experience in our field. We can handle every aspect of your loft conversion, from the structural work to the interior design. Our team will work with you closely to turn your attic into a storage space that meets your needs and reflects your vision. 

Transforming your attic into a functional storage space

When transforming your attic into a storage room, we’ll start by assessing the space and its condition. We’ll need you to clear out the attic, removing any unnecessary items and clutter before we can do this. We will then evaluate the structural integrity of the attic, ensuring that the floor can support the weight of the items you want to store and make any necessary repairs or reinforcements. A sturdy subfloor may need to be installed over the attic joists. Plywood is commonly used as a subfloor material due to it being a stable and safe surface for walking and storing items.

A key stage of converting your attic into a storage area is adding insulation and ventilation. Insulating the attic helps to maintain a stable temperature, whilst proper ventilation helps to prevent moisture buildup. We may advise installing soffit and ridge vents to achieve proper air circulation. To keep items organised, we can install shelving units and cabinets. Clear plastic bins can be useful since they allow you to see the contents easily.

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