The History of Orangeries

You’ve heard about orangeries before but you’re not really sure how they differ from conservatories, how they came about or what they’re really used for. This month AKB Loft Conversions are here to offer a little insight into the weird and wonderful history of orangeries.  

What is an orangery?

Originating in Italy where large panels of glass could be easily sourced, the orangery was constructed. An orangery is a room with glazed roof lantern, many large glass windows featuring a solid masonry wall.

History of the orangery

Orangeries have been around for hundreds of years, they were used to protect citrus fruits against the harsh winter, in order to keep them fresh and ripe. After some time the orangery expanded their use to housing exotic foliage that had been unearthed from tropical parts of the globe. By the 18th century the orangery became an integral addition to mansions throughout Europe.

Due to what was aesthetically pleasing and technologically limiting at the time, orangeries we’re built in a neoclassical design with large glass roofs, floor length windows and beautiful masonry walls. This combination is typical for orangeries, adding grandeur to the  stunning outside views and a whole lot of natural light, into the home. During the 17th century, it was a sign of wealth and prestige and would be a feature found only on mansions.

What are orangeries used for today?

As technology evolved, so did orangeries – they changed to better suit the modern lifestyle. Although some are still used for their original purpose, orangeries are now commonly used for living and dining areas.

How it differs from a conservatory

Like, orangeries, conservatories also feature a lot of glass, creating a lovely unique feature within the home, that brings the outdoors closer. However, conservatories are generally made with an aluminum framework and have minimal brickwork.

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