What’s the perfect bathroom for a converted loft?

Adding a bathroom to your converted loft space increases the value of your property, and also creates a flexible space that can be used as a self-contained guest room, second bathroom for large families, or even a relaxing escape. However, when you design a loft bathroom, there are several things you need to consider to ensure it feels spacious, looks luxurious, and functions smoothly.



Design considerations for loft bathrooms:


Space-saving designs are essential for loft bathrooms, especially if your loft conversion was originally for an extra bedroom and the bathroom is being added on. One solution to maximise the space is to add the bathroom into an awkward corner of the room that isn’t suitable for bedroom furniture.

Another way of making a bathroom work in such a small place is to install bespoke cabinets that fit with the sloping roof, and combination toilet and sink units are a useful way of saving space as well. Arranging elements of the bathroom in a deliberate way will work wonders, for instance tucking the toilet into the corner where the ceiling is lowest will utilise the space you have. A unique solution is to accentuate the strange angles and aspects of being in the roof. You can highlight them as interesting focal points, such as leaving wooden roof beams exposed.



Shower vs bath:

If your loft bathroom is positioned underneath the sloping roof, then a bath may be the best way to go. A freestanding bath needs less headroom than a shower, and you can fit it into awkward spaces more easily. Also, you can place it under a skylight for a nice view while you enjoy your bath.

For loft bathrooms which have a small amount of floor space, and a corner of the room with enough headroom, then a shower, or even a wetroom, could be the answer. In awkwardly-shaped rooms, a wetroom is useful as you don’t need an enclosure, just create a walk-in shower and tile the entire room so it is waterproof.



Water supply:

Something you need to consider when adding a bathroom to your loft is the water supply. The majority of traditional properties have a gravity-fed system, and the water tank is positioned in the loft. This means the water outlets in your loft will be higher than the tank, and the water pressure may be affected, or not work at all. To solve this you might need to get an extra pump to ensure you will receive enough pressure. Another idea is to move the tank into a higher spot in the loft so the gravity-fed system works once again.



Heating and lighting:

When it comes to heating your loft bathroom you will want to save space as much as possible. Luckily, because you are at the top of the building, heat will rise and the loft will be the warmest room in the house. A single radiator will be plenty for a tiny loft bathroom, but if you want to utilise space even more you could install underfloor heating.

The best way to flood your loft bathroom with light is to have large windows installed in the roof. This will also make the room feel more spacious and open, and you won’t have to worry about privacy. In such a small room you don’t want to be overwhelmed by a bright fluorescent light in the evening, so dim wall lights are a good choice for creating a more relaxing mood.



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