What’s the Difference Between an Orangery and a Conservatory?

When looking to extend your home, there are many options you can choose from to suit your individual requirements. Whether you’re looking for more natural light or just more living space we can help. You might lean more towards either an orangery or a conservatory. But What’s the Difference Between an Orangery and a Conservatory?

What is an orangery?

Orangeries date back to the 1500s and originated in Italy, quicklyOrangery in Leeds becoming associated with the wealthier classes. Usually bigger than conservatories, orangeries are constructed with solid brick corner columns and traditionally built with a flat roof. Which helps bring natural light into the home to have as an extra living room or even a gym.

The main difference between the two is the percentage of the roof glazed, as an orangery typically has less than 75% glass in its structure. Whereas conservatories have more than 75% of the structure made from glass.

An orangery is generally more aesthetically pleasing, as the brickwork allows it to blend into the house more effectively. You can also design an orangery to complement your home using different kinds of wood or plastic.

Typically more expensive than a conservatory, an orangery is more energy efficient as it can retain heat more effectively (which conservatories often mimics the outside temperature due to being almost entirely made from glass).


Orangery in Leeds

What is a conservatory?

A conservatory is made of predominantly glass, held together by plastic or wooden frames. Which is developed mainly for growing delicate plants such as herbs and shrubs in the winter, conservatories are now generally used as an extra living space for many homes. They are cheaper than an orangery so can be built under a tighter budget. Making it a more accessible option for lower income families. Additionally, conservatories are always attached to the house. Whereas orangeries can be built as a separate structure from the main house.

Their glass ceilings and walls allow for maximum light to enter the structure. Therefore, you can relax in a warm environment whilst not being exposed to the elements and enjoying the views of your garden.

What should I choose?

Both structures have their benefits and are both built to last many years. A conservatory and orangery are both worthwhile investments for your home and can even increase its value. They both create more space and improve the homeowners lifestyle. Deciding which one to choose will completely depend on your tastes, uses for the extra space, and budget! Here at ABK Loft conversions, we can advise you on the best option for your home.

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